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The Perimeter pet containment systems featured on our site are equipped with excellent, top of the line features. The Wi-Fi, comfort dog fences and ultra comfort dog fences help you control your pet’s whereabouts while also training them on boundaries. Find the system that best suits the needs of you and your pet.

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The WIFI dog fences features Quantum Leap technology, up to 5 selective levels of electronic correction, lost contact alarm, SmartStation and more. From the SmartStation the owner can view battery status of the collar and location of your pet. You will also receive notification if your pet is trying to challenge the boundaries. Perimeter comfort fences are for dogs that weight between 10 and 200 lbs. These systems offer a progressive correction function, waterproof receiver collar and an external lightening protector which guards against an electrical surge

Ultra comfort dog fences are a step up from the comfort fence models. This series features an added frequency control that helps avoid circumstances where interference prohibits consistent operation. The pet containment accessories on our site include additional wire kits, batteries, receivers, twisted wire and more.