Perimeter Technologies Ultra Comfort Dog Fence

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The Perimeter In-Ground dog fences on our site will keep your dog within the predetermined boundaries without causing strong discomfort. The exclusive comfort contact cushions are made from soft rubber, so the collar does not cause skin irritation. Perimeter pet containment systems can cover up to 5 acres and are suitable for dogs weighing from 10 Lbs to 200 lbs.

In-Ground Dog Fences

These Perimeter pet containment systems feature Temp Check #8482; technology, a function that keeps the fence field stable and in the same location when outside temperatures changes. Unsupervised movement of the dog fence is dangerous for your dog, so this feature is a must have. These dog fence systems also feature the Wire Check #8482; technology, which automatically compensates for wire problems and adjusts the amount of signal power to ensure the fence boundary remains in a constant location, The Battery Check #8482; feature monitors the status of the training collar battery every 2 hours, eliminating false low battery notifications. Perimeter In-Ground dog fences will help you safely contain your dog.